Municipal IQ
     Poverty Index
The poverty index reflects poverty in all municipalities; as suggested by access to basic services, as well as income and employment.
     Municipal Productivity Index
Municipal productivity uses five factors to reflect the productivity of a municipality. These five factors are combine and weight proxies that suggest the developmental and economic context of a municipality and how productive individuals can be in that context.
     Municipal Audit Results
The Municipal Audit Results Monitor assigns scores to the outcomes of Auditor-General opinions of municipal financial statements over a multi-year period.
     Crime Incidence in Municipalities
The CIM uses SAPS data and methodology to weight and rank the incidence of different crimes per municipality.
     Municipal Population Growth
The Municipal Population Growth Monitor reflects on growth trends by municipal population.
     Investment Climate Monitor
The Investment Climate Monitor considers the socio-economic context within which investors operate, as these apply to the beneficiaries of the Neighbourhood Development Grant Programme.
     Municipal Household Growth
The Municipal Household Growth monitor reflects the changes in household numbers between municipalities, which does not always reflect changes in absolute population size (given differing rates of housing delivery, income levels and population growth).
     Municipal Revenue Monitor
The MRM reflects major revenue sources per municipality; both budgeted and actual. An interactive ranking system allows for comparison of multi-year data.
     Development Credit Rating
The DCR provides a broad-based perspective on the financial and non-financial risk facing posed by municipalities to financial institutions. This assessment, using a symbolised rating, assists financial institutions in due diligence exercises and pricing decisions.
     Hotspots Monitor
The Hotspots Monitor records major service delivery protests since 2004; aggregating socio-economic and provincial trends, as well as detailing these in a database of individual protests.
     Poverty Gap Index
The Municipal Poverty Gap Index (MPGI) assesses the response of municipalities to poverty in their jurisdictions; reflecting on how well municipalities are delivering on poverty alleviation, as well as how well they have transformed to meet the mandate of developmental local government.
     Compliance and Governance Index
The MCG reflects compliance with legislated requirements of municipalities, as well as track records with the Auditor-General, and the capacity that resides within individual municipalities to reflect on governance capacity and trends.
     Municipal Expenditure Monitor
The MEM reflects expenditure - both budgeted and actual -by municipality for operating and capital budgets, with an interactive ranking per category. Multi-year data provides insight into trends.
     Transactional Banking Monitor
The Transactional Banking Monitor reflects the principal banker per municipality and how market share is broken down by province.
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